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AQL-Nal Advantages

 AQL-Nal Advantages

Plumb Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is commercializing a platform technology for super extended-release drug delivery. Medications developed using the company’s AQL technology have release rates measured in months, not days, enabling (for example) the provision of an entire course of antibiotics with a single injection, or continuous, longer-term relief from chronic pain and addiction.

AQL Platform Advantage

Plumb’s first product, an AQL-Naltrexone anti-opioid drug formulation, will provide the longest-acting, injectable medication assisted therapy option on the market, with an effective duration of 2 months. Plumb has validated the market need, product-market fit, and customer buying processes through more than 170 direct customer interactions. This competitive advantage is protected by two issued patents and manufacturing trade secrets owned exclusively by Plumb.